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London, Ontario
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                                  Email:  info@extendedfamiliesforhire.com 

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From Our Clients...
"My mother, by nature, is skeptical about any changes suggested to her to improve her quality of life. However, after meeting the team from Extended Families, she was overwhelmed by their friendliness, compassion, and flexibility. She has embraced the support they provide, and looks forward to the visits, not only because of the tasks that get accomplished, but because of the companionship. Thanks to the services Extended Families provide, my mother says that she now feels more comfortable in her own home." 

Shelly Happy


"Being far away from a loved one is never ideal, however, there are added challenges when the loved one is aging and needing more help living an independent life. Extended Families has been a wonderful solution, providing a wide range of services that can be customized to our needs.

We have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that necessary jobs such as cleaning and grocery shopping are being done but beyond this, the very caring attitude, concern and attention of everyone involved with Extended Families goes far beyond capably handling these chores. 

The staff and management are our eyes and ears and we feel very confident that we will hear of any concerns they have. Communication is key and this is simple and straight-forward. 

We feel that as we face more challenges in the future, Extended Families will be able to handle these challenges in a caring and respectful way to give our loved one the respect and independence that she deserves."

Vivienne and Kevin Wardle


"I look forward to my time with Brenda and Jessica. They are always on-time, friendly and willing to go above and beyond what is expected of them. They are a delight to have in my home! I would recommend their services to any of my friends and family"

Beatrice Barker


"It is a comfort knowing we have a service like yours for a back up."

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